Mike Leonard

Mike commenced studies at the VSF in February, 1970. He retired from the then DSE in 2006.

‘Involvements’ during his career included:

Regionally based – forest assessment and mapping; District-based duties; recreational planning; fire-related roles.

Melbourne based – landscape management; recreation and tourism policy and planning; coastal policy and planning; environmental aspects of fire and forest management; timber industry training programs; forest and fire-related education programs; strategic and statutory planning; research program coordination; non-operational fire roles.

Other matters - participation in reviews associated with the FCV/CFL transition; plant nursery (Vicflora) review; an association with the planning for, and the early years of operation of the Dharnya Centre – Barmah Forest; participation in third-party reviews; Staff Association roles.

Between 2005 and 2014 Mike filled a part-time role at the Bushfire CRC.