Victoria's Forestry Heritage

A History of Management

The Biggest Picture of All

This article is still to be developed


This section of the site is designed to capture summaries of the important forestry events that have occurred throughout our history.

The summaries that have already been developed for broad areas of our activity are available through the menu items at the top of this page. 

But the Biggest Picture of all:

Early exploitation and destruction - mining and farming

Attempts to conserve and control - La Gerche, this article

First plantations 

1918 - FCV

1930's - first real focus on resource assessment

1939 - improved fire management

1940's - major reforestation efforts

major moves from central highlands to Heyfield to East Gippsland - sawlog harvesting.

transfer of govt plantations to private

business focus on hardwood management - Vic Forests


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