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"Until 1946 any thought that the School could field a football team in the Clunes League would have been unthinkable. The new intake of trainees in February comprised eight schoolboys and four ex-servicemen, one of whom (Jeff Brisbane) was a keen football player and a leader, who felt confident that from 36 students a competitive team could be formed. The success of the teams over four seasons reflected the calibre of their coaching and the edge provided by the older experienced ex-service members.

In 1944 the intake jumped from the usual fewer than six to 12 (including cadets of APM Ltd), a number sustained until 1948. That level of enrolments continued until 1949, after which it diminished by about one-third.

The group photos show the wholehearted support of the team by the school community. Hammon Park, the town sports ground, was just outside the front gate and players could quickly assemble at its home ground.

Weekly reports of games appeared in the Creswick Advertiser. (See Catalogue No. 1313, VSF team matches 1947, Creswick Campus Historical Collection, University of Melbourne.)"   Alan Eddy, August 2018 (Alan appears in the 1947 and 1948 photos below)

The VSF fielded a team (Creswick Forestry) in the Clunes League in the years 1946-1949. In 1946 they reached the Grand Final, but were beaten by Smeaton 10-12-72 to 7-11-53. (Source: The Argus, 2 September, 1946.)  They also reached the Grand Final in 1947 but the outcome has not been found.

Photos below of the team are from 1947, 1948 and 1949.  Does anyone know of a photo from 1946?

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