Victoria's Forestry Heritage

A History of Management


  • Ash Road Network - Project Overview

    Don Thomson (bio)

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    In 1986, in what was then the Warragul Region of the Department of Conservation, Forest and Lands, a review of timber harvesting prescriptions was initiated by Don Thomson (Assistant Regional Manager, Public Land) and Ken Ashton (Assistant Regional Manager, Resource Conservation). The review therefore had input from people with experience in catchment management and flora and fauna management, as well as forest management.

  • Forest Facilities

    This article and particularly the associated map is still being developed.


    Peter McHugh has produced an article about forest camps which can be found here.

    The map below will, in time, show the locations of forest camps, roads, airfileds, towers etc  and indicate the purposes for which they were constructed.


  • Major Roads - Heyfield

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