Forest fire publications
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Air Operations for Forest Fire Control. doc0010
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Fire History & Fire Management - Red Gum Forests. doc0040
Fire Management Challenges 2021. doc0273
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Fire Prevention & Preparedness. 2003. doc0202
Fire Protection & Fuel Reduction Burning - Task Force Report 1982. doc0043
Fire Protection. Auditor General Report. 1992. doc0044
Fire Severity and Ecosystem Resilience - Lessons from the Wombat Fire Effects Study. doc0287
Fire Survival Tents - CSIRO 1962. doc0253
Fire-Art and Community Understandings. doc0231
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Impact of Public Land Mgt on Bushfires & Govt Response. 2008. doc0080
Interim Guidelines and Procedures for Ecological Burning on Public Land in Victoria. doc0084
Major Fires Originating 16 February 1983. doc0266
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Report of the Inquiry into the 2002-2003 Victorian Bushfires. doc0201
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Summer Peril. 1960s. doc0158
Synopsis of Prescribed Burning in Victoria. doc0305
The 1939 Bushfires - Sun News-Pictorial. doc0161
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The 1965 Gippsland Fires. doc0163
The 1982-83 Bushfire Season - P McHugh, Oct 2022. doc0164
The 1982-83 Forest Fires in Victoria. doc0165
The 2019-2020 Fires - Eastern Victoria. doc0271
The Bush Fire Brigades Movement in Victoria. doc0168
The Disastrous Forest Fires of January 1939, in Victoria. doc0169
The First Fire Ecology Symposium. doc0172
The Great Divide Fires. 2006-07. doc0279
The Role of Agricultural Aircraft in Victorian Forests. doc0177
The Second Fire Ecology Symposium. doc0178
The Selection and Development of Fire Fighting Equipment - Gill. doc0179
The Third Fire Ecology Symposium. doc0180
The Victorian Alpine Fires. Jan - March 2003 (Original 121MB File). doc0254a
The Victorian Alpine Fires. Jan - March 2003. doc0254
When the Bush Burned - Quick 1983. doc0196