Forest descriptions and silviculture
A History of the Forests and Forestry in East Gippsland. doc0006
An Introduction to Victorian Forest Trees. doc0011
Barmah Forest - A History. doc0013
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Barmah State Forest. doc0015
Boola Boola State Forest. doc0017
Box Ironbark - Ecological Thinning or Ecological Damage. doc0018
Box-Ironbark in Victoria's State Forests - Manual 4. doc0019
Cape Otway State Forest 1874. doc0021
Central Highlands Forests. 1996. doc0207
Creswick State Forest. doc0027
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Forest Cover Changes in Victoria 1869-1987. doc0046
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Four Forest Types. 1998. doc0208
High Elevation Mixed Species in Victoria's State Forests - Manual 2. doc0077
Low Elevation Mixed Species in Victoria's State Forests - Manual 3. doc0091
Management of Dry Sclerophyll Forests in Victoria - LEMS. doc0094
Mount Alexander State Forest. doc0099
Mountain Ash - A General Treatise. doc0100
Mountain Ash in Victoria's State Forests - Manual 1. doc0101
Mt Arapiles Reserved Forest. doc0210
Mt Cole - Beattie & Shalders 1990. doc0274
Mt Cole State Forest. doc0102
Mt. Beckworth Forest Reserve. Tyalla 1964
Mullungdung Forest. doc0209
Old Growth Forest. 1993. doc0211
Rainforest in Victoria 1995. doc0121
Red Gum Forests of Barmah and Gunbower 1878. doc0122
River Red Gum - NFI. doc0265
Rubicon State Forest. doc0275
Sherbrooke Forest Park. 1977 doc0155
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The Black Forest of Victoria (The Otways) 1851. doc0167
The Grampians State Forest. doc0160
The River Red Gum - 1990. doc0176
Victoria's Forests - Not Just Trees. doc0281
Wellsford State Forest. doc0276
Wombat State Forest. doc0277
Woohlpooer Working Plan. 1930s. doc0212
Yarra State Forest. 1970s. doc0199