"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

Victorian Forests

This gallery will display images of our native forests. This first image:

“Logging of the giant Eucalyptus in Australia”. This is part of a stereo pair of photographs marketed by the American Keystone View Company and thought to be taken about 1912. These, together with glass slides, were components of educational kits marketed around the world. Negatives and copyrights are held by the Californian Museum of Photography. Photographer and place unknown but possibly George Rose (1861-1942) and near Warburton since other slides were taken around there by Mr Rose for Keystone. This copy came from a 75x75mm glass slide purchased on “Ebay” by Leon Bren.


Forestry Posters





The Toorongo Plateau in 1942