Founded in 1979, the Association brings together former employees of the Forests Commission who still retain their love of the bush, are proud of their achievements and enjoy the camaraderie of their former associates:

  • to enable them to meet at regular intervals to renew old friendships, discuss and take action on matters of mutual interest and partake in social entertainment
  • to establish and maintain Forestry Heritage Museums
  • to collect, preserve and maintain forest memorabilia for the benefit of the general public and future generations

Membership to the Association is open to any retired employee of the Forests Commission.

The FCRPA established this website as a means by which its members (and others) can contribute to an enhanced community understanding of approaches to forest and woodland management in Victoria, particularly between the very early 1900s and the early 2000s.

Its purpose is to create an accessible community resource that captures, among other things, the challenges, initiatives, set-backs and achievements associated with the care and management of Victoria’s public land estate, and the associated role played by the Forests Commission.

Comments, queries and opinions are welcome, and indeed sought, with users having the opportunity to contact item-authors and/or the Association via the site’s Editor.  However, the Association does not see it as a place for extended debate about matters past or present.  Issue-specific, robust debate about any matter covered on the site is obviously encouraged, but is seen as best conducted on related social media sites.


FCRPA Executive - 2022/23

President: Brian Fry
Vice-president: Mike Leonard
Secretary: Mal McKinty
Treasurer: Peter Ford
Committee: Rob Caddell, Peter Farrell, Ian Hastings, Peter McHugh