Forestry People

There are a number of sheets contained within the Spreadsheet linked below, and they contain data about forestry people that have been extracted from a variety of sources. While there is still work to do to consolidate and reconcile the data we have available, and no doubt more information will come over time, you will be able to access information about a large number of people who have contributed, since the earliest days of settlement, to the management of our native and plantation forests.

The Spreadsheet is a Google Sheets product and although it is available to you in "View Only" mode, it is still possible to manipulate the data in a few ways. If, for example, you are looking for information about a particular person use the "Find & Replace" option within the "Edit" menu. You cannot Find & Replace an item but you can Find the separate records we hold for a person by continuing to use the Find button in the lower left corner of the popup. Temporary filters can also be established to allow you to sort the data as you wish in any given sheet - look in the "Data" menu and select "Filter views".

We are still working on ways to make this information more accessible, and would be pleased to incorporate new or amended data provided to us.

Please contact the Site Editor if you see an error or wish to add some information.



"The Public Service (Transfer of Officers) Act 1937, No. 4511 providing for transfer of control of the Commission's staff to the Public Service Commissioner and which was passed by Parliament on 13th December, 1937, was proclaimed and came into operation on 28th June, 1939. One hundred and eighty permanent officers of the Department were affected, comprising 115 in the ProfessionaL, 21 in the Clerical and 40 in the General Divisions respectively." Source: FCV Annual Report 1938-1939