"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

Ah Chow, Bill
Assessing 1937 to 1941 - Jim McKinty
Assessing 1950s - Arthur Webb - Pack Horse Camps
Assessing 1960/61 - Arnis Heislers
Attiwill, Peter
Audio - Oral Histories
Bailes, Thomas
Bushfire Widows
Casterton 1967-69
Clarke Jack
Coool Waters
Cowley, Roger
Cracknell, Alan
Dahl, Bjarne
Drangsholt, Kristian
Eaton, Jack
Eaton, Jack. vfh 132
Edgar, Jim
Edwards, Ian
Ellwood, Eric
Endacott, Norman
Evans Bernie - Gelignite
Evans Bernie - Kosciusko Fire
FCV Crew - "Bruthen Charlie"
FCV Crew Beaufort -1979 to1984
FCV Overseer - Charles G Pettman
FCV Overseer - Dick Aldridge
FCV Overseer - Thomas A Higgins
FCV Overseer - Tim Hodgetts
Ferguson, Ian
Fire Memories - Bob Graham
Flentje, Bill
Forestry Companies - WW2
Galbraith, Alfred Vernon
Gerraty, Finton George
Gibson, Brian
Gillespie, Jack
Griffin, Gerry
Grose, Ron
Heislers, John
Heyfield Mobile Support Crew
Hodgson, Athol
Hone, Alfred Andrew
Inner Bark
Jack, John B
Johnstone, John
Jones, Owen
Just Cruising
La Gerche, John
Leslie, Alfred
Lindsay, Reginald
Lists of People
Mackie, J - Sawmilling in the Otways & at Tanjil Bren - 1980. doc0152
McKinty Jim - Firefighter 1939
Meadows, Bill
Memories - Alan Eddy
Memories - an FCV Forester from Canada - David Holmes
Memories - Bert Semmens
Memories - Bob Orr - VSF Principal
Memories - Connors Plain - 1957 & 1963 - Sid Cowling
Memories - Derrick Rolland
Memories - FCV Radios - Rex Philpot
Memories - First Year Out of VSF - Peter McHugh
Memories - Forest Overseer - Les Lasham
Memories - Ian Harris
Memories - Ian Sebire
Memories - Jim McKinty & Murray Thompson
Memories - Ken Harrop
Memories - Leon Pederick
Memories - Murray Paine
Memories - Powelltown & the Grampians - Jack Gillespie
Memories - Swifts Creek - Noel Fraser
Memories - Val Cleary & Jim Westcott
Memories - VSF - Allan White
Memories - VSF - Bert Semmens & Jim McKinty
Memories - VSF - Frank Smith
Musings - Euan Ferguson
Nug Nug Chinook
Ogden, Midgely - His Story. doc0175
Ogden, Midgely - Memories of a Wombat Sawmiller
People - Articles About
Perrin, GS
Reg Wilson - East Otway Memories. vfh133
Richards, Dick
Semmens, Edwin James
Stump Mark - Walking to Work
Torbet, ER
Von Mueller
Westcott, Jim
Willis, Jim
Wilson, John
Wilson, Reg
Woodgate, Peter
Youl, John William
Zimmer, Walter John