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In the gallery above you will find a 1940 photo of nurserymen at the FCV Creswick Nursery. At first we had only nicknames for those in the photo, but then Graeme Saddington (a VSF Graduate from 1959) provided this information:

"Dodger is George Herbert Dean. He served at Gallipoli and France in the First World War. His brother was killed at Gallipoli, and when he returned to Creswick after the war, he got off the train before it reached the Creswick station. He had come home with mixed feelings and was not comfortable being welcomed home as a hero. He was named "Dodger" and the name stuck. He had some lovely grand daughters, and I was lucky enough to marry one of them in 1962."

This photo of a 1964 Divisional Fire Conference in Ballarat is too large to work in a slideshow.

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