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Woods Point - The Aftermath


Warbuton - Ash Wednesday 1983


Assorted Wildfire Photos
First Aerial Ignition of a Backburn

"Serious forest fires occured at Barongarook and Kennett River in January and at Myrtleford and Lorne in February.

The Myrtleford fire started just after mid-day on the 1st February, on which day the temperature in Myrtleford reached 109°F and a strong north-west wind was blowing. By 7pm the fire had extended 19 miles to the east and crossed the Kiewa River. Despite continued high temperatures, the fire was brought under control with very little further extension. A feature of this fire was the use under operational conditions, for the first time in Victoria, of the technique of aerial ignition from a helicopter to assist in backburning."
Source: FCV Annual Report 1967/68

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