"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

Chips, Bark and Sawdust

1938 - 1974

“I hope that by putting these events and happenings on paper, it will be of interest to my relations, and forest officers in time to come. The past 35 years has seen great strides in forestry, and the next 35 years will no doubt bring even more progress.”

Thomas A. Higgins
Forest Overseer
Nowa Nowa Forest District

The following are extracts from Tom’s paper titled ‘Chips, bark, sawdust and scales’, in which he summarised items from his work diary. They include information from other notes by Tom.