Plantation Fire Management

The Synopsis relating to Fire Management in Plantations that you can find via this link was finalised in 2008. Although it is not specific to Victoria it does contain much of the relevant Victorian knowledge base.

The Introduction to the Synopsis says, in part:

Softwood plantations play an important role in the economics of both Australia and New Zealand. The pine species used in these plantations are relatively sensitive to fire so effective fire management is an essential part of plantation management.

This CD contains the Softwood Plantation Fire Synopsis which provides detailed information collated from a wide range of sources on the fire behaviour in softwood plantations, and of the land management practices that can be taken to protect these plantations, and adjoining properties and communities.

The key Synopsis findings are summarized into a four page brochure that has been structured to provide easy to read information for land managers, plantation owners, fire authorities and local authorities and communities.Included on the CD is also a bibliography on fire behaviour and management on pine plantations.The references compiled constitute a wealth of fire related studies that have been carried out in pine plantations in Australia and elsewhere in the last 40 years.

The Fire Synopsis and the brochure were compiled by the Forest Fire Management Group (FFMG), a sub committee of Forestry and Forest Production Committee of the Primary Industries Ministerial Council. The documents have been endorsed by the Australasian Fire Authorities Council Ltd (AFAC).