Important Sites

The following websites have a connection to forestry in Victoria, and have provided useful reference material to a number of articles on this site. Please note that Victoria's Forestry Heritage does not necessarily endorse or promote any particular views which may be found on these websites.


operates as a friendly network of people interested in the history of Australia's forests and woodlands.

is an international forum for foresters, and all those with an interest in the forestry sector to exchange knowledge and experience.

has a number of program themes on community, recovery, education, fire ecology and people's stories.

contains an estimated 12,000 objects, documents and photographs relating to the more than one hundred years of forestry education at the University of Melbourne's Creswick Campus.

is a grant-making Charitable Trust that focuses on eucalypts, an Australian icon and a significant aspect of Australia’s natural environment and biodiversity.

formed by a group of like-minded and concerned practitioners and scientists in February 2004.

hosted by ABARES, this site provides up-to-date information on Australia's forests including forest-related publications and maps, and links to forest management organisations and institutions.

is one of Australia’s largest private timber plantation companies.

is a photographic slide collection in use from 1910 through till the 1950’s, which provided knowledge about trees and forests in Victoria as well as about their environmental location.

was founded in 1961 to promote interest in special purpose railways.

was formed in 1909 and is a community organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Victoria.

was founded in 1973 and is the peak national organisation of historians working in all fields of history.

"the largest collection ever assembled of historic photographs dating from 1859 to the 1960’s in and of the South-West of Victoria." Search for "sawmills", "forest" etc to find photos of interest to users of Victoria's Forestry Heritage.

is a comprehensive and current guide to the wild plants of Victoria.