Bendigo Forests

The purpose of this article, at this stage, is to lead you to two documents that discuss the forests in the area of Bendigo.


The first is by JA McKinty entitled - Forestry in Bendigo. A Synopsis, 1991


The second is a contribution by Jack Gillespie of work done by G Pavey.

"The late Graham Pavey retired as Divisional Forester, Western Division in 1967 and when I took charge I found, amongst same miscellaneous papers in the office, his notes on "Forest improvement work in the Bendigo District". No date is given, but it is possible that they can be referred to a refresher course held at the VSF in the 1920's (1928?). I have edited the material only to the extent that an incomplete section which deals with coppice treatment and allied distillation of eucalyptus oil has been deleted, I have added some minor additional comments."